Senior Faculty: Mireia Luzárraga

Image Credits: David Gil, faculty: Mireia Luzárraga, Universidad de Alicante

Affairs such as the beginning of Anthropocene or Climate Change are changing our vision towards Nature. In the seminar we are going to work on a “natural” location that is going through an environmental collapse due to a multiplicity of factors, most of them caused by human actions: the massive tourism, intensive farming, the violent storms caused by global warming, the economic and political interests of certain institutions can severely affect ecosystems and even the microscopic composition of water.

As architects and helped with other professionals we must deal with many different kinds of data and controversies in order to face these complex situations. Our task in this seminar will be double: on a first stage we will unreveal all the agents and relationships that have taken this place to an ecological disaster and on a second stage we will design a device that will be capable to interact in this environment and contribute to create mitigate the effects of this
situation and create a healthier, more balanced ecosystem.

The complexity that we will deal with will be expressed through architectural drawings, maps, cosmograms and diagrams, which will make visible systems, networks, protocols, chemical reactions, and many others.