Since there is not that much of time left for the final date of the workshop, everyone is working very hard for both physical and digital works. Students are dealing with their ongoing works and trying to find advanced solutions for problems. Today’s tasks were formed by four different assignments which are joinery test, digging the foundation, surface treatment and defining the final positions of both vertical and horizontal elenments. The joinery test can be counted as a new concept for students because the other works are nearly completed. Also students put a lot of effort on excavation of foundations today.

Students are searching for joint types and techniques in order to find the best solution for playground design.

Elements and tools were chosen according to create a safe environment for children who will interact with them. Group members are also responsible for resourcing these accessories and tools, therefore they are always in touch with suppliers.

List of tools and accessories that were tested.

There are tools for making circular holes on the branches where they will be connected to each other. Bits attached to power drills are in different sizes in order to have holes with different diameters for metal bars. Also the surrounding of joints are carved with wave cutters with different sizes. In order to meet the safety requirements, metal spacers are located in between two branches. They protect children from being stuck in between branches.

Metal spacer connection .

The design covers four different types of connections: horizontal to horizontal, horizontal to vertical, wood to stone and wood to rope. Dania, Irene and Rafael had chance to try oints between two horizontal elements. In further stage, they will be able to try wood and stone connection since they will have new elements and tools that they sourced from different stores.

Connection between two horizontal elements: metal bar, washers, nut, and metal spacer.

Each day, we are testing more and we are learning more!

Horizontal connection.