The experiment aimed at understanding the behaviour of material with bending technique and what limitations we have due to its thickness. Hence with a 3mm thick transparent metacrylate, we created a lamp which explored in variations of curves. The variations were brought by changing the distance of hole and length of strips, thus proportionately varying the domain.

Parameters followed:

CUTTING: BIG LASER CUT MACHINE: SPEED: 50%                        POWER: 100% SMALL LASER CUT MACHINE: SPEED: 15%                       POWER: 60% ENGRAVING: BIG LASER CUT MACHINE: SPEED: 50%                   POWER: 30% SMALL LASER CUT MACHINE: SPEED: 15%                   POWER: 15% BENDING: done manually using a heat gun. RECOMMENDATIONS: In order to do the bending and avoid heating, a more thinner material i.e thickness of 1mm and strips of at least 600mm length is required to bring in a similar effect.