El Poblenou, once the Epicenter of Catalan/Iberian industry. Today, the City’s technological, innovational District. It contains leisure, residential spaces as well as warehouses turned into lofts, galleries and shops.

What I have noticed in the neighborhood while walking through and troughout reaserches is that it is in fact a place where  residential, educational, art and administrational are mixed together. Which is quite rare in a neighbourhood.

But what I have also notice is that those elements mix spacially but not socially. There is no real interaction between these factors and no real life in El Poblenou.

Therfore, my personal agenda is :

Creating a « Social/empathic» space  where people from different backrounds and generations can gather and interact.

The best way to generate interaction between people is by making them play  a GAME together ; and the best universal game that make humans get along is SPORTS.


Therfore, the space I am creating is a multisport open air playground.


Video Interviews with people from the neighbourhood: