The experience:

In real world user will enter the space with an empty glass (lab tube). He will deposit it on the lab table in its specific lightning spot. It is the start of the trip, the Reality/Virtuality sensorial mixology. The trip of collecting particles will stimulate his emotions and memories.

The user will travel virtually to four different immersive environments. Each location represents a feeling and a flavor through its sounds, shapes, colors, and textures. The game consists on triggering abstract particles and enjoying their textures and their effects. Each particle, associated to its environment, will activate a specific pump. Each pump in the lab is related to an ingredient of the drink. Therefore, the user will choose his personalized drink from the virtual world, depending on the amount of particle he triggers in each environment.

This experience is a connection between the physical and the virtual, where the senses and the usual gastronomical experience are augmented.
It materializes the taste , the color and the smell through virtual world.

Finally, data will be sent from Unity to Arduino in order to turn the right pump on. The delay of pumping depends on the number of the related particles triggered by user.

Parts required:

-4x peristaltic pumps
-4x 1k resistors
-12V Power Supply
-4x Mosfits

Welcome to the Synesthesia of flavors: