Thermo-Vibes is originally a project based on exploring the bridges in between physical and digital through Arduino and processing. Our excitement was to detect thermal heat with Arduino and visualize it through processing basically.

Arduino TMP36 sensor can measure ambient temperatures, while also adding a command to illuminate an LED. The Temperature Sensor will determine the temperature level and indicate whether it is high medium or low relative to the indicated setting on your Arduino. Depending on the temperature, light will go on/off indicating when the room has reached the desired temperature. And through serial communication Processing receive different temperature values which ends up in the visualization of values generated by the Arduino. The visualization was aimed to be in the form multiple waves that the amplitude of the waves and color change according to different type of values.







arduino, processing


Project: Thermo-Vibes

Course: Produino

Year: 2017-2018

Master: Advanced Architceture

Students: Francois NOUR, Rim YOUSSEF, Haydar MAHDI