Finding the most diverse place in Poblenou required the use two different datasets to locate the single point with multiple activities and mix of culture.

While using the Parcela dataset, we searched for a point of overlapping of different functions such as cultural, commercial, office, industry and housing. Another layer was added with the Twitter dataset in order to find the place with most tweets with different languages, meaning the place where different cultures meet. To represent this data, a grid was generated in order to snap points of different places into single points. Added to this, color and size strategies were used to make it more readable.


The data analysis led us to a point in the intersection of Rambla del Poblenou and Carrer de Llull.When visiting the site to verify the results, we found a hotel, restaurants, shops, housing and a school along with high flows of people and vehicular traffic. During different times of the day, there was constant activity, thus diversity is permanent.


50 Shades of Poblenou is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City and Technology in 2015 by:

Students: Mayra López, Serien Zein and Çaglar Gokbulut

Faculty: Mar Santamaría and Pablo Martínez