Habitat OS

Student: Frederick Ajjoub    Tutors: Vicente Guallart, Eulalia Moran


FarmLand's are one of the element that are decreasing from a year to another because 
of the Mondialisation exportation and the expansion of dense cities.
A lot of people depend on different countries. We are not obtaining fresh food 
and sometimes we are stocke and depend on the political situation.
Barcelona is one example where before the Eixample project, it used to be a farm
land region. 
After the intervention, it become one of the most polluted city in Europe, 
ranked second as CO2 density. Many Pilot project were proposed for example 
"the atonomy of a city" realised by Vicente Royale and "El Parc Natural de 
L'Area Metropolitana de Barcelona".
Barcelona has an important Food industry, famous for it's research, innovation 
and foreign investment. 
It's a Benchmark for beverage-industry and agro-foods business. 
Unfortunately the monopoly is  controlling all the market of food supply ( most
of it Mercabarna), it has small green areas, soil and air pollution and domestic 
waster: Vulnerability of food supply.

Should we escape from Earth? Stephen Hawking believes "humans will have to leave
Earth in the next 1 000 years or go extinct" if we continue like that. Many 
project were proposed in a risk of red alert.
Let's calm down, it will coast a lot of effort and money: Let's use the Vertical Farms !

We can put a farm anywhere, decreases a lot the water quantity, we get fresh food, 
it's cheaper, decreases transportation and CO2 emissions.

We can have 4 types of catalogues which are :
.Veggies (Green House, Green Roof, Hydroponic, Sky Greens, Green Spirit Farms)
.Fish (Piscifactory, Aquaculture, Aquaponic)
.Meat (Modular Farm and Green Cycle
.Green Design and Cycle ( Green wall, Terraces, ...)

All of them are going to be dependent to the Local healthy food diet, the time 
and community cycle.

We can create a local food production and practicing our own system. Also practice 
the concept of Biomimicry, working with different association like the Green Fab 
Lab, the Floating Lab,...
Use the 3D print to create our own recipe and home made plates. Create links 
between the humans and the wildlife.