LASER CUTTING  / blending wood with hexagonals

The exercise explores the limits of the laser cutting blended wood.

In this case, there is an aim of exploring the boundaries between hexagonal-shaped surfaces, the relationship among every polygon and how they could work in the expected direction of the exercise.

After working on countless different patterns trying to achieve different results; most of which were failed attempts at making a one-axed curved surface.

Finally, by the use of a line as an attractor, in place of a point, gave us an opportunity to assure and promote a blended wood in one axis (instead of using a confusing point-based radial proposal).





CNC MILLING / exploring the boundaries of the cnc·milling

The exercise aims to explore the boundaries between the CNC·milling and the shaping of any surface desired or designed.

This technique does have its specificities; and there is a need to adapt and stick to it.

The same reasoning applies to the selected material (foam).




3D PRINTING / centripetal force

The project aims to create a cast object by creating the mold in using the potential of the 3D print and digital technologies.

The mold will be built in PVA material as designed. There is an interest to twist the geometrical shape, in order to provoke and at the same time understand the power of the 3D printing solution we are about to apply.




Student: Asier Eguilaz
Faculty: Djordje Stanojevic, Kunal Chadha