Team : Hunia tarck tomoum,Yaping chen & Jayanthimala Thangarajan Gokulraj kailash Aim   :  To design joints for 6mm dia rods to create flexible structures. Joint 1 – Two similar boomerang shaped element interlocked within a slit in them forms the first joint. The two elements are free to rotate within the limited axis. Each arm of both the elements can accommodate one 6mm Dia rod. The outcomes of these joints in more number of combinations are unpredictable. Joint 2 –The second joint is made up of two elements which are unified by a ball and socket joint . out of the 3 arms of the joint , one arm is designned to rotate along its own axis and this is facilitated by the ball and socket joint. Working of the joints – Joint 1 – Joint 2 – Final assembly of the joints –