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There is a huge demand for housing. There is a shortage of 1.8 Billion Houses Globally. Unbalanced situation in demand and supply needs new way of construction which is sustainable in term of material resource.

System Map

System map tells the comparison of all factors impacting the housing for fast growing population. There are many pros and cons of each element and there is directly proportional or inverse proportional relation. The main factor which determine the supply of  housing is the construction speed which depends upon the availability of workers, Availability of material.

Iceberg Model

The problem which normally appear are different than the deep root causes so iceberg model clears it well. On surface we see demand of housing but the patterns which is causing it is the slow construction industry and rapid increase in the population. Slow construction is the cause of inefficient construction methods where I’m trying to fix this issue.

Stake Holder Mapping

The stake holders take very important role in acquisition of project. In the model the government and real estate owners have the most influence. Where as architects and material supplier have great interest but not much influence.

Hurdles & Opportunities

Hurdles and opportunities for the most influenced stakeholders are as following:

3d Printing for Global Housing | Circular Economy  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the MRAC-02 program in 2020/21 by:

Research Student: Mansoor Awais

Tutor: Amara Streefland and Nico Schouten