Icosehadron is a 20 triangle faces regular shape which can be contained in a sphere. This geometry can easily develop itself in every dirrections. Using Anemone, each triangle of the shape was offseted towars the inside until 5 iterations. Then moved in the normal dirrection of triangles. Over 5 iterations, the offset become outside the triangle each offset is still moved up along the normal vector of triangles. After 21 iteration the shape of the Icosahedron is rebuilt, expect for the filled part of the faces, which are not anymore flat triangle but a continous surface which creats voids through the Icosahedron. A net of crossing curves is then applyed on this surface. Hairs are creating from the extremities of the net towars some magnetic points. Once animated, evanescent shape is generating a glow in its center and some electric streams passing through extremities of hairs.

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