The Area.

The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is involved in a research project to transform the city of Barcelona in a Zero Emission city. For that, an interactive model has to be fabricated, so design decisions can be made. In this tutorial, we will describe the step by step of how to send the 3D model of the barrios of Camp del’Arpa, La Sagrera, Congrés and Navas, to the milling machine so it could be milled. After the model was printed in a high density foam, it was inserted in the model of the entire city of Barcelona. The scale of this model is 1/2000, and it will be used as a study model. A final interactive model will be built, and this will help in the design decision. To view the step-by-step RhinoCam2 tutorial for this model, click on the link:

The Milling.

The Model.