The sun is a machine that provokes feelings, creates colors, connects people, warms you, projects, and educates.

Our site is in a desolated area of the Parc de Poblenou which we feel has a lot of potential for the reactivation.  In 1992, this park was part of the design for the Olympic Village.  The specific part of the park that we chose was the home of a fountain that was later drained because of the raise in mosquitos that was produced by the static water of the unused fountain.  Not wanting to bring back the past problem, we are seeking to activate the space around the fountain by implementing several prototypes that have different functions that invite people back to the space which was once seen as an attraction. 

We are using 3 principal pillars for our intervention: people, interaction and space. With these 3 things in mind, we aim to activate a space that will be suitable for all people during both the day and night.  The main goal is not only to allow people to interact with the prototypes but also with each other, creating a positive and dynamic environment.

Our inspiration came from the structural color phenomena of chameleons. Chameleons change color not because they are camouflaging, but because they are expressing their feelings.  Analyzing the psychology of colors and exploring which colors are better suited for each prototype, our intention is to provoke feelings by projecting different colors around the space.

Revitalization of the space is created by different prototypes that are seen as tools for the inhabitants to create a space of their own. The first prototype was created by hacking a solar powered lamp and a mini usb fan.  From the lamp, we used the solar cell to collect and store sunlight to power the motor obtained from the mini fan.  The motor was to power our “walking” prototype that was to project light.

Chameleon Structural Color

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Students: Cristina Pardo, Catalina Puello, Johana Monroy, Zrinka Radic