Atmospheric River is an arrangement which utilises the wind energy to provide a farm land with its two basic necessities,namely electricity and water.To capture energy from wind,  we have to ketch it by getting the structure in contact with the air and everything within it, especially the water content.

From this thought has developed most of our design, which is based on the combination of functions. For generating electricity we’ve used  a wind mill and for providing water we have  used  fog- catcher.


Wind Catcher. Our first goal is to increase the speed of wind by the use of a wind catcher; by bending the polypropylene  in a smooth shape we foster the Venturi Effect .The structure consist of  a  funnel  placed at the top  , which will channelize  wind faster through the bottom of the pipe, made in PVC.Here the wind mill is connected to a generator by a PVC joint of 90 degrees .

Fog Catcher. Being inspired by the heavy fog which overloaded us during our  first and  only visit to Valldaura,  We arrived  at a potential way  to gain water; treating fog as water tank in a landscape scale. To increase  the surface area we use a dense interlacing of net occupying  much space,we use dense interlacing of net to enclose the pipe and the structure for the wind catcher.


Every bead contained in the fog, which is very close to 100% of humidity, has its own density. So the net, with  its 2×2 mm holes, will catch water droplets and drop it on the tank at the bottom.



                                                                        EVOLUTION          ——-         ATMOSPHERIC RIVER  1.1  *Making it SIMPLE  &  LESS COMPLICATED. *Here instead of  fog catcher , we’ve used  CONDENSATION method for the wind which gets inside the  catcher tunnel  to produce  water.

atm river1.1atmo river 1.1

The main structure is divided in three parts.

1. A wind catcher

2.  A ceramic tube –  

    * Has thermal characteristics

    *Good enough to keep its temperature, thus it will work to condensate the hot air touching it.

3A water tank –

   *which will also be the base of the whole structure. The function is split in water and electricity: strong wind for the latter one, and simple hot air for the water, through the action of condensation .