I have recorded  outside sounds in apartment I live in. Records were made at different time of the day – noon, afternoon, evening and night. Then I have tried to distinguish different features and  components of sounds that were recorded. Monday, April 15, 13:06

  • sounds from construction site
  • alarm signal sound from traffic lights
  • cars noise
  • dogs and human voices

Monday, April 15, 16:35

  • construction site
  • children
  • human voices
  • cars
  • high level of background noise (when you can’t distinguish sounds)
  • birds
  • sounds from apartments
  • level of soundscape is higher, less contrast, sound is flatter.

Monday, April 15, 21:46

  • mainly cars
  • longer sounds
  • longer brakes
  • background noise is quieter
  • can distinguish single sounds

Monday, April 15, 01:50

  • silent backgound
  • islands of silence
  • intterupted by garbage truck
  • few human voices
  • clearly perceptible space and action
  • all sounds related with each other. Can understand what is happening outside. Like in the theater or radio show

Sonic clock. After listening records I’ve realized that these sounds are characteristic for only this time of the day. And it reminded my eternal issue with garbage truck which comes every night outside my window exactly same time, so I always know when it is 3am without looking at clock. Consequently I can predict time only by listening surrounded sounds. I’d like to investigate more how sounds changing depending on time of the day and week.  Which ones are shifting and which ones are steady. Which ones have most damaging or positive impact on human behaviors. What kind of sounds are in different places at the same time. Other interesting point is how based on Julian Treasure’s lecture of soundscape’s impact on human. Would it be possible to convert negative sound experience into positive one?