The metabolism of the building/block for the Self-Sufficient Building Studio is based on water. Water as a natural element not only provides life to the animals and plants of the planet, but it also is an important part of many systems and cycles. The proposed design looks to balance human beings lives and the nature of the world with its chaotic and problematic social issues, and economical conditions. To start, I took three main references that helped me to develop this project.  As natural reference, I am taking under consideration the water cycling; and under historical reference, I am taking under consideration the farm terrace that many ancient cultures used, such as the Inca.  I would like to make a special emphasis on learning about ancient ways of living because they were very sustainable and self-sufficient.  And last but not least, I considered current technology, which will improve the idea of recycling the ‘water cycling’ and therefore provide energy within it. Under the natural consideration, it is been known that water cycles naturally through an infinite process.  This similar process, using current technology, will imitate the benefit to the inhabitants of the block. The farm terrace will work perfectly in the sense that water will follow a determinate path where water cycling will be appreciated and noticeable through the metabolism of the building.  Through this, remains from the farms will be collected and processed thereafter to provide energy throughout the building.

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[RE] cycling the cycle

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