PRESENTATION 492_10151510352578795_1846648819_n This is an elaborate study of the torus which was concluded by the fabrication of a torus bridge structure. As part of the course many alternative structures and forms were studied for the torus and in the end we developed our own tool for it; from the data obtained from the parametric plugin of karamba. The data we chose was that of Bending moment; by which we applied the equation((depth = ((BMList[i])*6/(maxStress*b))**0.5 ) inorder to computationally manipulate the overall form, depth and width according to the material. This meant that for any given  form or material with the help of our algorithm we could conjure a suitable structure. In the workshop we decided to play with different thicknesses of cardboard in the form of a diagrid waffle. This resulted in a play of field of depth, seemingly acting as attraction points according to the bending moments distributed on the bridge for maximum optimization and efficiency of the material. 941471_10151510352728795_1343501610_n pdf>._S9-Group 7