Barcelona Port is in the edge of the city where different flows and fixities coexist together. The suggestion that different footage took from the port gave to us was the notion of the border. Boundaries or limits are part of the natural and urban composition that could be considered as negotiators between elements and actions; flows and fixities. The perception of the border is predominant in a port. Besides the idea that a port is the limit between the water and the land, it also means political, urban, social and economic boundaries. The concept of the first approach we developed from the site was a visual record of all the type of limits we found in the port. The waterfront is a limit between the land and the water that has been shaped through the time. Also we found important to refer Kevin Lynch description of borders: “Borders are linear elements not used or considered as paths by the observer.They are the boundaries between two phases, linear breaks in the continuity. These border elements are for many people importan organizing featureas, particularly in the role of holding together generalized areas”. For us, this concept is very important in order to understand the image of borders that cities have, and maybe even rethink it.