Applied Urban Strategies – Urban Stories


Over here we where given the brief of the four cities of how their urban fabric and development is all about and given a scenario to depict a story line on top of it.


  1. A lecture on Based on Urban Stories of few cities was given by different lecturers for us to understand different scenarios around the world.
  2. First lecture was revolving around developing the culture around the existing scenario and betterment of the people.
  3. In this lecture the current examples where Mexico and Sao paolo city.
  4. Over this Lecture the Exercise was to explain the given scenario and give your own reviews on particular kind of Development.
  5. Second Lecture was about stories related to Vertical Grid and horizontal Grid.
  6. Beautiful Examples from Barcelona the horizontal grid city and Manhattan the Vertical Grid city where shown.
  7. The Exercise was to describe the horizontal grid and vertical grid in our own words.
  8. What are the influence of this grid in day to day life and also giving an example of similar kind of cities
Mexico City

Mexico City

Sao Paolo citySao Paolo city 

new york city

New York city 

Los Angeles City Los Angeles City 


Urban Stories is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015/16 by:


  • Nisarg sheth


  • Alfredo Brillembourg
  • Marco Ingrassia