Advanced Architectural Concepts: Architectural Logics


Today, Architecture is all about designing in something’s relation or behind some logic. So over here we explain three main  Logics related to architecture.


  • This was one of the final assignment given by the “Advanced Architectural Concepts” class.
  • During the class we where explained different types of theories behind the design pattern followed by the architects.
  • The three main where Relational, Metaphorical and atmospherical logics used for the designing.
  • The assignment was to explain the different examples of the this theories.
  • In your own way create the scenario where all this three logics can be explained in different ways.
  • Relational Logics – This is one type of logic is when the design of any kind of architecture elements are in relation to the existing materials or some existing living form.
  • Metaphorical Logics – This Logic is when one uses this theory to design places which give a representation of similar shapes or concept whether from nature or mankind.
  • Atmospherical Logics – A Design theory which reflects the notion of surrounding atmosphere and considers it into the design.


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In this we are trying to explain three main Logics of the Architectural world.

  • Relational Logics
  • Metaphorical Logics
  • Atmospherical Logics

And  a scenario where we combine all the three logics for a detail understanding of how exactly they work.

Architectural Logics is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015/16 by:


  • Nisarg Sheth
  • Inthat Ueasak-aree
  • Viplav Goverdhan


  • Manuel Gausa
  • Maite Bravo
  • Ricardo Devesa