AEON originally means “life” or “Being, through it then tended to mean “age” in the sense of “time”, “forever” or “for eternity”.   Our goal is to combine farming technology and agroecological strategies for increasing food production, fighting climate change and poverty, protecting soil and water while maintaining healthy, livable communities and local economies, motivating positive behavior changes for sustainable lifestyle. LAND USE AND FOOD DISTRIBUTION NOW 1 13 million ha are deforested every year smallholders produce 80% of food consumed in developing countries to feed 9 billion people will require a 70% increase in food production people in the world are hungry another billion eat unheathy food almost 30% of the world’s population are overweight   AGRICULTURAL AREA

40% of the world’s land area. Countries with a higher commercial land agricultural area tend to have a high rate of deforestation. Also, nearly half of the crops grown are actually used as food for animals.2

    CROPLAND PRODUCTION GAP Dark spots (mainly the biggest production countries ) indicate locations where significantly more wheat, maize and rice could be produced without deforestation. 3   FIRST PROTOTYPE Through Arduino we control humidity, temperature and irrigation, creating the best conditions for growing beans.   4   The water cycle is used as the main concept to make our second prototype and will be used in the future. VALLDAURA We want to place our next prototype in the forest of  Valldaura, to show the possibility of combining agriculture and forest. We planted vegetables in the Food Fab will be transferred in the right time to our final prototype. 5


 We analyzed average rainfall, wind temperatures, relative humidity and wind frequency through seasons to understand better which are the better plants to grow in the area of Valldaura.

ecotect winds.jpg

Choosing the site we observed the daily and annual sun path in order to know where exactly to plant.

7 9 Sketching the future prototype we decided to use one water collector that will be connected to all the pots and that will provide water by capillary action and due to  the gravity force. All the pots are connected one to another with ropes, so the capillary action works also between them. The pot itself will be working with the same water cycle and water filtering principals as our first and second prototypes. 10