A Gradual Flow

"Is it better to go with the flow, or let the flow go?"



Facade Interpretation

The Facade reference used is the Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects.

The Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre is located on the river in Hexi New Town; Nanjing’s new central business district (CBD). The project includes a 106,500 m2 conference centre, two towers totalling 258,500 m2, 100,000 m2 of basement areas and the plaza that terminates the CBDs main axis on the riverfront.

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Facade Pattern Study

Studying the different existing parameters of the facade system attached to the building.

Zaha hadid, parametric study, pattern growth, pattern study

Pattern Study Collage

Facade Thought Process – Pseudo Code

It was important to understand and analyze the general principles of the facade system before the execution/design phase. Below is an illustration of the facade breakdown, also known as the Pseudo Code, which helps to understand and guide the designer towards designing the facade system.

pseudo code, coding, diagram

Pseudo Code

Facade Breakdown

After analysing the facade, basic breakdown of the steps was achieved on a flat surface, which formed the basis of using much more complex shapes further on.

facade breakdown, development, facade

Understanding with the script

Below is a more detailed explanation of the steps along with the script to better understand the facade

01: Components used: Plane Origin, Rectangle

02: Components used: Divide Domain, Deconstruct Brep

03: Components used: List Item, Line, Surface Split 

04: Components used: List ItemLineSurface Split (Same as above)

05: Components used: Curve Closest Point, Area, Remap+, Graph Mapper

06: Components used: Scale, Boundary Surfaces, Extrude, Custom Preview

Final Script (Modelling)

Final Script (Animation)

Facade morphing on complex surfaces

After understanding the basic principles of the facade system, it became much easier and clearer on how these pattern morphologies can be applied to more complex surfaces, as seen below.

360 Animation

Variations of the Facade

Adding more complexity to the script and establishing interesting patterns from the same family.

Augmented Reality Experience

An Augmented reality experience can be launched on your mobile devices by simply scanning and feeling the moment with the pattern geometries in three different scenarios.

Selected Visuals


Facade Animation


A Gradual Flow is a project of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) in 2020/2021 by:
Student: Amandeep Singh Sasan
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre | Faculty Assistant: Ashkan Foroughi