Recently I was trying to investigate more in urban noise and it’s impact on human. Here are some hints which I found interesting Julian Treasure talks about sound impact on human in four different aspects which can affect both in positive and negative ways:

  • Physiological. Influence breathing, heart rate and brainwaves, balance.
  • Psychological. Music or natural sounds may set different emotions and moods.
  • Cognitive. Can’t listen two people speaking at the same time.Certain sounds may damage or increase productivity.
  • Behavioral.

The Kokomo hum – Issue faced by big cities.  Low-frequency noises generated by turbines, industrial fans, compressors and other machinery that cause harmful side effects. Acoustis trauma: bioeffects of sound. The work is an investigation into the effects of low frequency and infrasound via the design of experimental acoustic emitters. The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau invention. I was impressed how powerful and comprehensive sound might be.