RS.2 – Research Studio 2
Senior Faculty: Enric Ruiz-Geli // Mireia Luzárraga

Towards the age of experience

At the Self Sufficient Building Studio our main concern is Global Warming, and we face it by turning architects into activists with a full Green Agenda.
In order to build this Green Agenda we propose the students to start from scratch, to reset, and get isolated from today’s scenario (Brexit, no peace in Colombia, President Trump, crisis in Greece, Spain corruption…).

And thus start from what we will call YEAR ZERO, by getting unplugged in order to create, and build a complete off-grid environment. We think this exercise is essential for reaching our target of becoming self sufficient, not only in terms of energy, but also in terms of economy, social life, etc. A white page is necessary to build a new generation, a new sensibility.

MAA 2014-15
FarmASeed // Borislav Schalev / Dennis Li / Alejandro Carrillo

At the field trip we will explore some examples of collectives of people (what we will call tribes, and we will be one ourselves) that were built with these principles of resetting and starting from zero, and exploring new ways of living: Paolo Soleri did it at Arcosanti, James Turrell did it at the Roden Crater, Frank Lloyd Wright did it at Taliesin, the Navajo did it at Monument Valley, the Eames did it at their place… We will do this field trip on Road Vans, and we will be concerned about energy, water, wind… We will be travelling in ten days from the Antelope Canyon to the Urban City of Los Angeles.


Our two starting point models will be Media-ICT and IAAC, that we consider two good examples of Factories of Knowledge transfer, Green Education, Digital Fabrication, where architecture becomes a hub of knowledge.
The final target of the students will be to design a building: design a building which is a SYSTEM, design a building net zero, design a building using SCIENCE, the science of particles, design a building using FICTION, creating fictions in order to make everything more understandable, more educational.
The building program will be an educational building. We must design a building where EDUCATION IS AN EXPERIENCE, where education is first.


MAA 2014-15
THE GRID // Borislav Schalev / Dennis Li / Alejandro Carrillo

2016-17 SEMINARS
Science of particles // Josep Perelló // 9hs
Fiction // Andrés Hispano // 6hs
Acoustic Landscapes // Bea Góller // 3hs
Animation // Carolina López // 6hs
Fashion clothes // Iván Alonso // 3hs
Art // Evru (at Evru cave) // 3hs
Art // Frederic Amat // 3hs
Intellectual property // Jordi Romaní // 3hs
more to be announced along the academic year