Group: Carolina Libardi | Carolina Miro | Erina Filipovska The idea of this project is to map the biggest/most important Spanish cities using what is being said about them in the internet as our main parameter. We want to develop an interactive visualization that can work with different web sites and different key words. As an example, we could consider how many times the word “traffic” was used on twitter for the cities of Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza. The result would change throughout the day, and would give an idea of the actual traffic situation in those cities. The concept can work with many different sources of data, like newspaper websites, as well as whatever cities we want to compare. The main goal is to be able to make comparisons between different urban spaces, and to provide answers for the different behaviours. The concept is to develop a system that can work with many different data sources. The idea is to map the number of occurrences of one specific word in the internet. Initially, we think about starting the project mapping the occurrences on Twitter and national newspapers. The goal is to create a map that responds to real-time data, and changes according to the time of the day, different urban conditions, different seasons of the year. It should be a map that is always evolving, changing, and that works as a tool not only for urban planners, but to whoever wishes to understand the most important subjects that are being discussed about different cities. In a world were information travels almost as fast as electricity, the maps should respond in the same way.

The Mockup.

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