BLUR building and A Thousand Plateaus_Rhizome. T3


An idea of building. BLUR building. Water is used here as an expression of a process rather then a material in itself. Parameters controlling the behavior of this process makes it interactive as an environment rather then an object.

The lines defining individuality as a container has been blurred, like a rhizome. The being in itself is not channeling to be ‘a’ being. The expression is seen as being growing but without dimensions.A process is an assemblage of moments in different times. It can not be thought of as a  composition in the singularity like a stroke. Such rhizomatic behaviors seem to be directionless, yet consists of a higher dimensional growth. It reacts to micro and macro at the same moment. The frames to capture it seems very different yet consists of a similar expression.

The definition of skin in the blur building can be an expression of such rhizomatic behavior. This expression is though weakly expressed and will be perceived weakly with the constrain of ‘act’ and linear thoughts. As a conceptual notion , defining of a process rhizomatic behavior helps to broaden the horizon and think of networks which otherwise are not thought of. But then to construct it has to be defined within the limited dimensions of communicating.A book is a collection of moments in different times but it has to have a title. As a possible topic of research into this, I think understanding particle systems and swarm behaviors responding to a live data feed will be a good approach. Image Credit –