IAAC – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
Studio III
Faculty: Alexandre DuborAldo Sollazzo.
Faculty Assistants: Antoine Jaunard, Ashkan Foroughi, Soroush Garivani.


Credits: IAAC MiniBuilder



The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is at the cusp of a new era, with technology start-ups creating new applications and tools that are changing how companies design, plan, and execute projects. 

The development of Industry 4.0 will be accompanied by changing tasks and demands for the human in the factory and the construction site. As the most flexible entity in cyber-physical production systems, workers will be faced with a large variety of jobs and tasks, ranging from offsite digital supervision, to onsite augmented fabrication, blurring  the limit between digital and physical environment.

Studio Goals 

This Studio will focus on consolidating existing solutions developed by students along the Master program, providing a wide range of expertises to drive successfully each technology towards its goal : having a positive impact in the AEC industry. 

During this period, students will be challenged to demonstrate their project with a Minimum Viable Product, intended as an artefact in an iterative process of idea generation, prototyping, presentation, data collection, analysis and learning. 

Studio Focus

While the seminars and workshop of the MRAC third term allow students to gain knowledge into Human Machine interaction and Machine learning, the Studio class will frame students works toward their 1st year “Final project”, that should be understood as the synthesis of all three terms of the master, combining knowledge and topics of previous seminar(s) and/or workshop(s) into one clear proposal for a better AEC industry.