The Practise Fabrication // Robotic Micro Carpentry Seminar, led by Tom Pawlofsky – ETH – with Alexandre Dubor and Sofoklis Giannakopoulos, explores the KUKA robot as a multi-tool, micro factory. The aim is to give an introduction to robotic fabrication, focusing on setting up processes and tools to be used with the robot. The students are learning and practicing how to teach and offline program the robot’s movements and tool-paths. In fact the first couple of days of the workshop have been dedicated to the student’s understanding and manipulation (manually moving the robot) of the Kuka Robot. The ambitious objective of the Seminar is to mass-produce wooden chairs, where the robot will handle all steps, from shaping the elements to applying the connections, with the aim of integrating digital planing and production into traditional craft. @IMG_4181