PlayBall!: MAI Students' Proposals for Llum Barcelona Festival 2018

The first research studio of the Master in Advanced Interaction immediately involved the students into a real project with the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona and the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona to be installed during the Festival Llum BCN 2018, next 16th, 17th and 18th of February.

PlayBall!, the selected proposal, is an interactive installation that calls viewers to action by using light to create interactions between the viewer and installation, and between viewers themselves.

By hitting one ball to another, light is passed on, allowing light to take on the playful nature of balls. A new typology of ball now acts as an icon of potential energy and potential play, while masking any preconceived symbolism of light.

Come and take part to our interactive installation which will be displayed in Carrer de Pujades 102, Poblenou!

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