Park Won-soon Mayor of Seoul Visit Fab Lab Barcelona by the Hand of Tomas Diez

Park Won-soon, the Mayor of one of the Fab City member Cities – Fab City Seoul, visited Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC last week, to learn by the hand of Master in Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF) Co-director Tomás Díez and exchange information about Fab City Barcelona.

The Fab City initiative is a collective of citizens, researchers, policy makers, teachers and entrepreneurs working in parallel to the Fab Lab network to bring back production to cities.

Guided by Tomás Diez and greeted by our current Korean students, the delegation could learned in detail the work of our center in Barcelona, from where the Fab City global initiative was born and promoted.

Seoul is among the 10 new cities that joined the Fab City network this summer, in the occasion of the Fab City Summit. The gathering has featured international speakers such as Neil Gershenfeld, Saskia Sassen, Danielle Wood and Dave Hakkens, who debated global challenges such as climate change and social inequality, and how to approach the use of technology to boost a new urban model for 21st century cities.