Open Thesis Fabrication 2018/19 Kicks-off with its First Workshop: Walls

The first OTF Workshop 2018/19 “Walls” kicked off last week at IAAC, with the aim of giving students the occasion to print thin surfaces and explore the relationship between geometry and structural behaviour in adobe printing.

When addressing structural properties in 3d printing, students will consider two main aspects: the structural integrity during the printing process, that is while the material is wet, and the one of the printed-dried outcome and the loads it will be subjected to.

In order to categorise and frame the research, the focus of the workshop will be divided into three structural performances: balance, strength and stiffness.

The results will be tested both physically and digitally: while printed pieces will be structurally tested until breakage, geometries will be also simulated.

Windmill, a structural engineering company, will support the workshop with an introduction to structural engineering concepts applied to 3D printing, desk-crit on the structural assessment of students’ solutions and digital analysis of the 3D models.