MAA Introduction to Digital Fabrication Final Presentations

Digital Fabrication is an introductory course of the Master in Advanced Architecture tutored by IAAC Digital and Robotic Fabrication Expert Alexandre Dubor and Faculty Ricardo Valbuena, Raimund Krenmüeller and Kunaljit Singh Chadha.

The MAA first year students just went though the final presentations of the course, which aim was to get to know new production techniques through the relation between computer data and machine oriented fabrication.

By exploring the design opportunities arising from three common digital fabrication process (Laser Cutting, CNC milling and 3D Printing), students have been able to invent strategies to translate geometry into articulated constructible solutions, producing the CAD – CAM file and using the CNC machines by themselves.

During the course, students have also learnt the principles of a FabLab and how to use this collaborative maker space in a safe, clean and respectful way.