MAA Students Explore Performative Use of Liquids in Curved Glass Assemblies

The seminar Liquid Skin, led by Edouard Cabay with the support of a team of experts including Alexandre Dubor, Resja Ferusic, Carles Salas and Ferran Figuerola, focused on the integration of liquids within curved glass assemblies or surfaces, in order to produce architectural effects or performance: climatic, energetic and spatial.

The course has been for the Master in Advanced Architecture‘s students a unique opportunity to work hand in hand with the Catalan world leading glass-curving company Cricursa.

One of the seminar’s principal objectives was to attack the theme of glass curving with the support of digital manufacturing means. In an early phase, the students worked on a model-scale thermoforming synthetic materials to simulate the behavior of glass and its properties.

The participants could lately run a common investigation with a team of experts at Cricursa, producing experimental glass elements in their facilities and testing them back at IAAC.

The outcome of the course has been the construction and installation of a 1:1 liquid live-performing glass prototypes in Barcelona.

Tutor: Edouard Cabay
External experts: Resja Ferusic, Carles Salas
Cricursa Expert: Ferran Figuerola
Technical Advisor: Alexandre Dubor