Leka, which has been described as the world’s first open-source restaurant and enjoyed much popularity from their original location in Barcelona’s Poblenou neighborhood, is opening a new restaurant, Green Leka, at Can Valldaura in the coming weeks!

In their own words:

Our goal is to change the business model in the field of catering and our purpose is based on food self-sufficiency , giving a singular importance to the supply of local products, in bulk, in season, that respect animal welfare, that come from sustainable fishing or hunting and that have a low environmental impact. Our second purpose is to communicate, inspire and motivate people to lead more sustainable lifestyles, consuming locally, thinking globally, reducing environmental impacts and increasing well-being and health. The third objective is to offer a gastronomic experience that encompasses culture, leisure, ethics and pleasure.

Eat healthy and responsible, with a free and collaborative spirit, sustainable above all, We are Leka, we were born in Poblenou in 1984, we were for many years (we have been open for more than 30) a working-class neighborhood bar that, without changing families, we have grown to amaze. Reformed by the Barcelona FabLab, with the OpenSource concept and since then, developing our HonestFood philosophy, which is based on healthy eating and where we have an ethical and sustainable commitment to nutrition and the environment.

We work with farmers who produce following ethical and / or ecological protocols. Of all of them, we know their way of working, the place where they work, the animals, the management and the quality of the product that comes to us, and that is precisely why they have been selected. Through us, intermediaries are eliminated and you get a decent and fair price for your work. Ensuring that its production has been respectful with the environment, with animal welfare and, above all, of sanitary quality.

Valldaura Labs is glad to welcome this new, like minded neighbor!

For more information, please visit: www.greenlekacanvalldaura.com