Jaime Coll + Judith Leclerc - Definitely Unfinished

This week our guest lecturers Jaime Coll and Judith Leclerc, invited as part of the Spring Lecture Series 2017, inspired the audience with their lecture: Definitely Unfinished.

In 1923, Marcel Duchamp left “Definitely Unfinished” the Great Glass. The time, process, transformation and instability become new categories in XX Century art.

The crisis that began in 2007 had heavy consequences on the building sector in Spain, and consequently on the profession of the architects. New architectural practices have emerged based on collective work and social mediation, tactical urbanism, rehabilitation and unfinished projects.

Coll Leclerc showed in their lecture what they have been dealing with in their office in the last years.

Projects that change, buildings that adapt to the life of their occupants, projects voluntarily unfinished or stopped by the crisis and then re-programmed, projects designed in phases and that have never been concluded.