Internet of Buildings: MaCT Students Explore the Future of Barcelona

What is the Internet of Buildings to you? The Master in City & Technology (MaCT) researchers explored the future of Barcelona by defining new methodologies of designing buildings in the digital era.

During the studio, students have been asked to create their own visions of the Internet of Buildings, as well as visualizing on an interactive physical model the inherent benefits that emerge by defining “why” and “how” built-structures would communicate between each other.

The research, which has been presented last March 21st to an international jury including the BCNecologia Director, Salvador Rueda, has been focused on creating Networks of Buildings that create solutions for issues related to waste recycling.

With their proposals, students set out to redefine the role of buildings as single nodes in a larger network of communication and exchange of not only energy and resources but more importantly of data and information related to the overall conditions of the city itself.

The Master in City & Technology focusses on the needs for the habitability of the 21st century cities and the significant role of technology for the formation of the new urban environments.

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