IAAC Takes part to the Third Experimental Biennale of Prague

Academic Platforms of Computational Design is an exhibition, co-curated by Professor Imrich Vaško and Shota Tsikoliya, currently on display at the UM Gallery in the framework of the third Experimental Architectural Biennial of Prague. Until October 7th, the gallery will presents works of leading European academic institutions dedicated to experimental research in architecture.

The show presents the potential of research in the field of computational architectural design through models, prototypes and video projections. IAAC is among the selected central european academic platforms featured in the exhibition with the projects Minibuilders, Mataereal and Pylos.

Academic platforms have become a place of transferring necessary professional knowledge and know-how, but also a unique environment for research and innovation. New design and production technologies require more space for experiment, development, testing and prototyping. The possibilities of computational design and new technologies are increasingly studied and applied in cooperation with other scientific disciplines and technological research.

The special symposium MeetUp Prague will also take place within the exhibition. The event takes place on Wednesday, 6 September from 10:00 to 17:00 at the lecture hall 115 at UMPRUM. IAAC Alumni Stuart Maggs and Chirag Rangholia will take part in the gathering.

Mataerial iaac
pylos iaac
Minibuilders iaac