IAAC Alumni's Biocentric Design Group Invited at the Oslo Innovation Week

Last September the Oslo Innovation Week invited the Biocentric Design Group, founded by IAAC Alumni Thora Arnardottir, Noor El-Gewely and Jessica Dias, to present at the Micro Algae & Seaweed and the Sustainability Pecha Kucha sessions of the event.

The multidisciplinary group of bio-hackers, designers and architects, who completed their master studies at IAAC and keep on working to align biology with design, were invited to share and hear inspiring stories about new solutions addressing sustainability challenges.

During the one-day event, startups and entrepreneurs with a global potential, experienced investors and corporates, and cutting edge scientists and experts from all around the world has gathered up north to learn from each other, get inspired and make things happen.

Subjects that has been be covered included Smart City/Urban Innovation, Education and Edtech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Life below water, Women in technology, Food and more.