CINNO – FabLab VERITAS Launch & Noumena Workshop

Tomorrow and until the 28th of May, San José, Costa Rica will see the official launch in the FabLab network of the Research Center for Innovation (CINNO) – FabLab VERITAS.

The CINNO – Fab Lab VERITAS is an initiative of the VERITAS University that aims to become the national and Latin American benchmark in the development, teaching, use and design of technologies applied to art, design, science and creative education in Latin America, marking leadership in the makers movement.

The Fab Lab, directed by IAAC Alumni Robert Garita, will support VERITAS students in the different design programs, seeking to integrate and test new teaching strategies for the implementation of technological innovation and experimentation in existing careers.

robert-garita iaac

Robert Garita – CINNO FabLab VERITAS director – at the Fab 11 in Boston

IAAC Head of Visiting Programs and Noumena founder Aldo Sollazzo, together with IAAC Alumni and Noumena partner Chirag Rangholia, have been invited to be part of the speakers panel in the day of the FabLab’s inauguration, and to lead a workshop about mapping and aerial robotics during the main conference event.

Robert Garita, Aldo Sollazzo e Chirag Rangholia are IAAC Alumni from the Master in Advanced Architecture 2012/13 where they choose the Research line Self-Sufficient Buildings.