Hacking for a Brighter World: IAAC Hosts the RedBull Basement Hacks

How can technology transform the way we inhabit our cities? Next April 20th and 21st, the Red Bull Basement Hacks Barcelona, hosted by IAAC, will connect creative minds, makers, coders and hackers to transform innovative solutions into reality.

The gathering will be a brainstorming session where the details of the Red Bull Basement Residencies will be unveiled. IAAC Directors Areti Markopoulou of the Advanced Architecture Group and Tomas Diez of Fab Lab Barcelona will be among the mentors of the day.

Red Bull Basement was born from a quest for change, to create more friendly, efficient and accessible cities and the desire to create a space that is a catalyst for debate and solutions around the creative use of technology into the urban fabric.

The project’s main pillar, the residency annually gathers students and professionals from a diverse range of technical and non-technical backgrounds, to stimulate a knowledge exchange that could generate solutions to improve the life in big urban centers.

The event is free and open to the public, registration is mandatory at [email protected]