anim Help us build the new Solar Pavilion during Fab10! How can we capture the vastness of the world into one room, one single space that draws from multiple locations? How can we create that space so it could condense, represent and group a global network of Fabbers? And, furthermore, how could we do this collaboratively so people can plug, add, customize, propose, build, embed their designs and ideas into it?

The Endesa World Fab Condenser attempts to provide that space. It is designed to capture principles, ideas and people around the Fab Lab Network. It is a small, digitally fabricated pavilion that would serve as landmark of the Fab Lab community in the FAB 10 Symposium in Barcelona. It is a pavilion, but at the same moment is a collaborative performance, a party of fabrication where the final result would be equally important than the actual fabrication and construction phase. Initial design by Margen-Lab, produced by IAAC and collaborative designed, build, and customized by the FabLab Network. 1-80a442ae3f2479d66a532c03e1a985cb