Dieter Dietz - The Red River

This week our guest lecturer Dieter Dietz, invited as part of the Spring Lecture Series 2017, inspired the audience with their lecture: The Red River.

Dieter Dietz is Associate Professor for Architectural Design at EPFL, Lausanne, and director of the ALICE laboratory in the ENAC faculty. He collaborates with the ALICE team on research projects at diverse scales with labs inside and outside EPFL.

In his lecture Dietz presented some of the architectural installations and public space projects he led at the ALICE lab, such as the Place Cosandey or the HOUSE 1, which serve as a point of departure for in-depth research relating landscape, urban environment and architecture.

Collective, open processes and non-deterministic design methodologies, driven by the will to integrate analytical, data based approaches and design thinking into actual project proposals and holistic scenarios.

In Dietz’s experience research and teaching are conducted in close proximity, in a design-research perspective.