The Master in Advanced Architecture at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Co-curated by the Science Festival, Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science, the exhibition Bio and Beyond brings together work from both local and international artists inspired by or challenging science and technology’s potential to improve our world and how we live in it. Bio and Beyond puts life under the microscope; encompassing everything from the deeply personal to the truly global, even cosmic.

The exhibition focus on how science and art can further our knowledge of the world around us. Designers and scientists have presented a Menagerie of Microbes in the Laboratory Gallery looking at the biological mastery of simple yet complex life forms.

Bio and Beyond

A selection of projects developed in the framework of the Master in Advanced Architecture‘s Introductory Studio Active Public Space, led by Claudia Pasquero and Carmelo Zappulla, is showcased in the exhibition. The projects look at mechanisms of local energy, food and bio-materials production in dense urban environments, focusing on how these bottom up processes of production could contributed to the urban morphogenesis of contemporary cities.

Bio and Beyond will be at the Summerhall of Edinburgh, a creative hub for the arts with studio and workshop spaces, until Friday 13th of May.

Active Public Space is an Introductory Studio of the Master in Advanced Architecture. The projects part of the exhibition have been developed at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in the year 2015 by:

Faculty: Claudia Pasquero – Introductory Studio Tutor; Carmelo Zappulla – Introductory Studio Tutor; Maria Kuptsova – Introductory Studio Assistant.
Students: Abdullah Ibrahim, Andre Resende, Burak Paksoy, Christopher Wong, Firas Safieddine, Hsin Li, Ingried Ramirez, Jessica Dias, Jonathan Irawan, Karthikeyan Dhanabalan, Lalin Keyvan, Luis Andres Bonilla Millan, Maryan Ewais, Michelal Azzi, Mohamad Elatab, Nikolaos Argyros, Noor El-Gewely, Robert Staples, Sameera Chukkapalli, Stefan Fotev, Sureshkumar Kumaravel, Thora Hafdis Arnardottir, Yasamin Khalilbeigi Khameneh.