Additive Manufacturing with Mud: OTF Final Presentations

Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF) students come closer to presenting their final design proposal: a 3D printed, large-scale prototype realised by using unbaked clay, which will be unveiled next March 2nd in IAAC’s Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs.

The students have chose a modular approach, using performative parts throughout the entire model. The modules are parametrically conceived so that they have optimum performance depending on solar radiation, wind behavior and structural 3D printing reasoning, both by their own and as a whole design.

The façade was conceived as a gradient in both horizontal and vertical directions, having various radiuses of self-shading, in order to optimize east and west sun.

This year’s OTF is very much inspired by nature itself, with the theme of earth used in efficient habitable spaces.

Mud constructions, based on ancestral techniques which take advantage of local materials, are today a viable alternative to meet the world challenges in construction. Their ecological footprint close to zero is a huge advantage over global warming and the need to reduce energy consumption.

The Open Thesis Fabrication Final Presentations will be held next Thursday 2nd of March at 15.00 at Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs.