Today were the Open Thesis Fabrication 2014 Final Presentations. Open Thesis Fabrication is an Applied Research post graduate program focussed on the development of a specific research agenda in the field of digital design and fabrication. The OTF program researchers develop and complete full-scale prototypes using advanced CNC machinery, innovative material solutions, and smart energy applications. The program is also unique as it is developed hand in hand with Industry Partners, with the objective of offering the researchers the possibility to engage in a semi-professional environment, and develop a project with the support and expertise of individuals and institutions that are commercially involved in their field of research. The collaborative companies are: ASCAMM, Cumella Cerámica, Santa&Cole, Breinco and Cricursa. The final presentations of OTF researchers took place with an international jury board: Areti Markopoulou – IAAC Academic Director, Lucía Pérez Cerezo – ASCAMM, Josep Maria Serra – Santa&Cole, Toni Cumella – Cumella Cerámica, and Paolo Bombelli – University of Cambridge; as well as the presence of the program advisors Silvia Brandi, Alexandre Dubor and Luis Fraguada. This year’s projects feature green energy systems, small scale desalination devices, the implementation of ceramics with robotic fabrication, natural material research for the implementation of 3D printing on the architectural scale, and much more.