Fab City Design Strategies Studio – Second Term Presentations

Last Friday March 18th, Master in City & Technology (MaCT) students went through the second term final presentations of Fab City Design Strategies Studio.

The aim of the Studio was exploring, founding and creating new design principles for a new era:

  • Design for liquid times,
  • Design products with an urban strategy,
  • Design interventions for constructive activism.

In this framework, students have developed small prototypes with a bigger impact, at urban scale. Every project is the result of a reflection about actual urban challenges and the main aim of the interventions is to produce changes in the world in a possible future, from a speculative, critical or solution point of view.

The initial motivations and the proposal were very different:

  • Wi-Talk! – An alternative communication tool, for exploring new models of digital-physical communication at local scale.
  • Completing the Loop – A system to complete the smaller loops in a bigger water cycle.
  • Exchange Platform – A peer to peer data sharing system in order to make citizens active players in data market.
  • Love Food – A campaign created to achieve smart management of food systems.
  • Re-Tronic – A market place for the reuse electronic pieces.
  • Tourist+ – A global tourism network for productive cities.
  • Reprobin – A machine for the reuse of domestic plastics in order to create new printed objects.
  • Wearable network – A distributed multi-sensor network of responsive clothes.
  • Hugs of Coffee – An interactive coffee machine that help dissolving social isolation by relating strangers.

Faculty: Tomás Díez, Mathilde Marengo
Students: Chiara Dall’Olio, Mohit Chaugule, Seda Tugutlu, Sherine Zein, Chenghuai Zhou, Caglar Gokbulut, Rahul Pudale, Ilkim Er, Mayra López.