Today at DHUB, a Conference day was dedicated to “Design & 3D Printing: New fields of Application” organised by ASERM, DHUB and the Barcelona City Council. Additive fabrication presents great potential of growth in many industrial sectors, as well as in the fields of research, space, health and art. Thanks to the versatility of additive fabrication techniques, in recent years new product concepts have been developed, as well as marketing opportunities linked to these that open the possibility to new business models (customised fabrication, bio materials, intelligent products). The day itself was dedicated to the generation of a comprehensive view, through a multidisciplinary approach, of the opportunities that arise from the additive fabrication technology. In this occasion Master Director Areti Markopoulou gave a lecture regarding the development of 3D printing in the architectural field, illustrated through the research and development of said tool by IaaC researchers, with a projection of what this tool could allow us to do in the future. IMG_2337r