On June 4th , MAEBB co-Director Daniel Ibañez participated in A Circular Bioeconomy Roundtable
convened by HRH The Prince of Wales. The goal was to discuss how this game-changing
initiative should be implemented: not just by designing recovery packages, but by
transformative action to trigger mission-oriented innovation, attract investments and
rethink business models and markets. Leading figures from science, the investment
community and industry discussed how a circular bioeconomy offers solutions and is a
crucial concept to move towards a carbon-neutral, renewable and inclusive economy that
prospers in symbiosis with nature.

A circular bioeconomy uses renewable natural capital to holistically transform and manage
our land, food, health and industrial systems with the goal of achieving sustainable
wellbeing. The latest scientific insights and breakthrough technologies have been described
in a new 10-Point Action Plan to catalyse a circular bioeconomy of wellbeing, coordinated by
European Forest Institute (EFI) Director Marc Palahí, who also moderate the roundtable,
with the participation on MAEBB´s co-Director on the aspects of wood urbanism and
ecological construction.

The Action Plan will serve as the guiding document for a new Circular Bioeconomy Alliance,
to be established by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales under his Sustainable Markets Initiative. EFI will play a key role in the newly established Alliance by facilitating the
provision of knowledge-informed support, as well as providing a networking platform to
connect the dots between investors, companies, governmental and non-governmental
organizations to advance the circular bioeconomy globally. IAAC is a member of the EFI
since 2019.

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A 10 Point Action Plan to catalyse a circular bioeconomy of wellbeing