DETROIT_abandonment2_by J Sordi Friday 7th of March 2014 Mosè Ricci Lecture: Learning from Detroit. @ 18.00, IAAC Auditorium Open to the Public The lecture Learning from Detroit with Mosè Ricci, is not only part of the IaaC Winter Lecture Series 2014, but is also part of an international conference on theory and landscape: Landscape and Emotion, the revival of emotional geographies organised in collaboration with Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Observatori del Paisatge.

Mosè Ricci (Florence, 1956) –Emeritus of Italian Art and Culture since 2003– is Full Professor of Urbanism at the University of Genoa and of Lanscape Architecture at the University of Trento. He graduated in architecture in 1982 at La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). He became Researcher Professor (1984), Associate Professor (1997) and Full Professor (2001) at the Pescara School of Architecture (Italy). In 1996-1997 he was Fulbright Recipient and Visiting Scholar at GSD (Harvard University, USA, Visiting Professor of Sustainable Urbanism at Universitad Moderna de Lisboa (2006-2007) and at Technische Universitat of Munich (2008-2009). Since 1999 he is member of the Scientific Board of the Villard International Seminar and since 2004 of the Villard International Doctorate. He has been member of Italian Society of Urban Planners Steering Committee (2003-05, 2007-11). Since 2010 he is member of the Mies Foundation Mediterraean Program Board. He was member of the Scientific Committee and curator of the Urbanism and Landscape section of the international exhibition Recycle, Strategies for Architecture, Cities and Planet (MAXXI. 2010-12). In 2012 he has been ranked in the top 100 World Educators by the Cambridge Institute.